Hard Apologetics, Soft Apologetics

By George Sumner This reflection is really meant as advice for the Episcopal Church. It may make it more likely that I can be heard if I make it clear, here at the outset, that my idea is equally applicable ... Read More...

C.S. Lewis: A Personal Appreciation

By John Bauerschmidt I can see it in the mind’s eye: my teenaged self, in a suburban strip mall bookstore, taking down a paperback volume from the rack and beginning to read. I am a cradle Episcopalian, a hereditary Anglican, but neither catechized nor a ch... Read More...

Apologetics: A Comeback

Defending and Defining the Faith: An Introduction to Early Christian Apologetic Literature By D. H. Williams Oxford University Press. Pp. 465. $74. Review by Jonathan Bailes I can’t recall what was th... Read More...

Islam, Worldview, and the Deep Questions of Life

Invest time in personal relationships with non-Christians. The Enlightenment was fundamentally mistaken in supposing that reason is the key driver of history and human decisions. It is not.

Dialogue Failure

An argument for Christianity that neglects the suffering of Jesus can leave human hearts cold.

Jesus leads us in dying to self

The gospel stubbornly reminds us of death, and not just any death, but the gruesome execution of the only human being to have surrendered perfectly to the will of God.