George Orwell: Closet Anglican?

By David Goodhew George Orwell, a closet Anglican? Orwell was perhaps the greatest writer in English of the 20th century. To describe him as Anglican may seem a stretch. Orwell described himself as an atheis... Read More...

Pentecostal/Anglican cooperation? New horizons in mission

Could the Anglican Communion be a “broker” for global mission? Pentecostals from Burkina Faso to Hong Kong to Brazil (and, let’s be honest, also in North Atlantic nations) are waking up to the need for better training for pastors. Anglican theological colleges worldwide continue to be under-resourced. Discipleship and education for all believers is a real concern, and all face huge challenges in the societies where they live, work, and do mission.

Can anyone speak (it) theologically?

Where are the theologians, in the wake of the Primates' meeting? Where is the theological speech about the schisms that continue to rend us asunder?