Reflecting on Nashotah

Bishop George Sumner of Dallas with four takeaways from the Living Sacrifices conference at Nashotah House.

Catholicity, apostolicity: Come on down

What does it mean for Anglicans to profess reformed catholicity in a visible communion across great stretches of geography and culture, and how can we seek and serve one another faithfully?

Primatial option for the Covenant

Something like the Anglican Covenant remains “the only game in town," for the simple reason that it delivers a synthesis of Anglican thinking about the Church wrought as a vision for the future. The alternatives are amnesia at best, innovation at worst.

The Anglican Covenant in 2015

I fear that one of the proposed resolutions on the Anglican Covenant (D022), with its uncompromising language of rejection, risks driving a wedge between us and other Anglican provinces.
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Bishops: Covenant can wait

By Joe Thoma. The House of Bishops concurred with the House of Deputies July 10 to “decline to take a position on the Anglican Covenant,” but affirmed participation in the wider Anglican Communion.