Catholicity, apostolicity: Come on down

What does it mean for Anglicans to profess reformed catholicity in a visible communion across great stretches of geography and culture, and how can we seek and serve one another faithfully?

Bowdlerized Catholicism

If “No Covenant,” what? How do Anglicans express a sound doctrine of the Church without competent instruments of unity?
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Scotland: No to Covenant

Archbishop David Chillingworth: “We invoke the history of Samuel Seabury, consecrated in 1784 by the Scottish bishops as the first bishop of the church in the United States of America.”
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Amber light from Wales

“I think we need to reaffirm our strong commitment to each other through the saving power of Christ revealed in the Gospels.” — Gregory Cameron, Bishop of St Asaph.
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Resolution affirms Covenant

Three member bishops of Communion Partners have submitted a General Convention resolution that affirms the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant.
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Bunch of grapes or bag of marbles?

My question is: Who knows the Anglican Communion best and has the most up to date information concerning the consequences of the failure of the Covenant? Is it Jonathan Clatworthy, who has prepared the No Anglican Covenant Coalition paper, or the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is strongly proposing the Covenant?