For All the Saints

By Mark Michael Their bodies were buried in peace, and their name lives to all generations. Peoples will declare their wisdom, and the congregation proclaims their praise. —Ecclus. 44:14-15 Shortly after publ... Read More...

This All Saints’ Day, Return to In-Person Worship

By Charles Bennison At St. Luke’s, Atlanta, three decades ago, the 11 a.m. Sunday Eucharist had a largely-suburban television audience of 25,000, with 700 actually gathered at the church. Many of these in-person worshipers had seen the congregation on telev... Read More...

Saints with a Capital S

Our heroes are the saints — from the well-known, like St. Mary the Virgin or St. Francis, to the more obscure, like St. Sebastian or St. Lucy.

Why we need the saints

I was rescued by a saint — Saint Francis of Assisi, to be specific — a saint who has saved many damaged souls before me and will yet save many more to come.