A Centurion Named Julius

By Jean McCurdy Meade Many Christians, including those who are very familiar with the New Testament, might say, “Who is Julius?” We know about some Roman centurions. Cornelius, the centurion whom Peter was c... Read More...

A Good Day

Esther 8:15-9:19 By Amber Noel What makes for a good day? A walk in the park with your dog? Stopping by the café for a hot doughnut and a cup o’ joe? A day when all the to-dos are checked off, your bills ar... Read More...

The Wilderness Road

By John Bauerschmidt Back in the late spring, as the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee prepared to emerge from our suspension of public in-person worship, I began to reflect anew on the next part of our life as a diocese. Given the undetermined length and unce... Read More...

The Gospel and the Works of God

In Acts 15, St. James and the Jerusalem Council take for granted that Gentile Christians will do just this: follow the commands of God.

Acts and Sacraments

The Church renews us with temporal sacraments and sketches of heavenly things.

Acts and Eugenics

Luke's book of the Acts of the Apostles teaches us what it means that "God shows no partiality."


We are publishing four paintings by Silvia Dimitrova and four poems by Bishop Graham Kings expounding the paintings. Today’s: “Priscilla.”