The Dangers of Subculture

By Sarah Puryear The recent Amazon Prime documentary Shiny Happy People is a devastating and incisive examination of the form of Christianity followed by the Duggar family and millions of other fundamentalis... Read More...

ACNA’s Scandals and Mine

By Steve Schlossberg Reading an article the other day about recent sexual abuse scandals in ACNA, I found myself enjoying it. I don’t know if an ugly smirk actually crawled across my face as I read the article, but something like an enormous leer formed in ... Read More...

When There Isn’t Safety at Home

By Justin Holcomb Recent quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic leaves many people vulnerable to suffering abuse when isolated in a dangerous situation at home. Many abuse survivor advocates and profes... Read More...

Good and evil, Scrooge and Cosby

None of us are either good persons or bad persons. All of us are persons who do both good things and bad things. All of us are flawed, sinful persons, whether we are Ebenezer Scrooge or Bill Cosby.

The contradictions of Paul Moore

Paul Moore was bishop of New York for almost twenty years, the capstone on an illustrious life in the ministry. But his sexual life more or less left behind a long wake of emotional destruction, the brunt of which was borne by his two wives.