The Christmas Ham

Not a true story By Amber Noel I’m in the middle of telling this really funny long-form joke, and I’ve just served up my famous Christmas ham, and we’re all snacking festively and sipping hot drinks, and I’... Read More...

How to Save a Dying Church

If you’re a Christian in the West chances are your church is in decline. And if you are a mainline Christian in the West well, you had a good run.

Top 10 reasons not to boast in Anglicanism

For those who take pride in being Episcopalian, I offer the following “Top 10 reasons not to boast in Anglicanism,” inspired by the Princeton Proposal for Christian Unity and The Gospel and the Catholic Church by Archbishop Michael Ramsey.

Screwtape takes on Louie Crew

My dear Wormwood, It seems that there is an impostor out there claiming to be me who has recently written to you through the iPad of one Louie Crew Clay...