Designing the Theater of Rome

The Artist and the Eternal City Bernini, Pope Alexander VII, and the Making of Rome By Loyd Grossman Pegasus Books, pp. 315, $29 Review by Ben Lima During his incomparable six-decade career, Gian Loren... Read More...

Learning from a Craftsman

By Mark Michael Tom has given his life to upholstery. His garage workshop is a maze of fabric bolts, sample books, and foam rolls, with a few half-finished projects neatly stacked against the walls. He learn... Read More...

The Color of the Godhead

Is It Time to Remove Images of the White Jesus From Churches? By Pamela A. Lewis "So tell me," began the tastefully dressed, middle-aged woman, to whom I had just been introduced at a church social event, "... Read More...

A Light Infused into the Heart

Francis and Augustine would tell us first that less is more, and that God’s transforming oracles lie closer to hand than we might first expect.


Who is this woman, framed by arches?