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A report from the banks of mighty Gills Creek in Columbia, South Carolina. In the wee hours of Sunday, October 4, my phone's National Weather Service Alert passed along a message I'd never seen before. "Civi... Read More...

Meet the magazine behind the weblog

Our parent magazine, The Living Church, invites all readers of Covenant to sign up for a free six-month subscription. In continuous publication since 1878, The Living Church served throughout the twentieth c... Read More...

Quiet reforms: the Vatican and priestly marriage

Without announcement (and with almost as little notice), a Vatican reform was published in the official directory of the Holy See: it plain states that the Eastern churches in Communion with Rome may have a married presbyterate anywhere in the world they happen to be.

Covenant relaunch

Covenant is about to enter a new stage of its life. Filling a long-needed niche in the Anglican blogging world, it will be a place for generous, orthodox commentary, conversation, and mutual formation that is evangelical and catholic, academic and pastoral, Anglican and ecumenical.
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TLC 248/11 online

The June 15 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.