Necessary or Expedient?

Between Scylla and Charybdis?

Many of us wish for clear sailing on prayer book revision, but we run a real danger of getting caught by a whirlpool on one side and rocky shoals on the other.

Hands off the Office

As the most Anglican of all our liturgies, the Daily Office deserves the most deference and defense we can give it.

Rediscover the gospel

For the sake of mission, we need to rediscover the gospel that the BCP empowers us to pray.

Finding, not fixing

We don't need prayer book revision in the church; we need prayer book recovery.

A concise prayer book

Many want to be reconnected to a tradition from which they feel distanced. They want ancient, connected, continuous, simple, transformative liturgy.

Common prayer, common purpose

By Robert Hendrickson Editor’s note: This is the fifth piece in The Living Church’s Necessary or Expedient? teaching series in prayer book revision. It appeared in the Dec. 11 issue. Mark Michael’s “Are we don... Read More...