Public worship, prayer, feasts, formation.

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Quality worship

Are Cathedrals the only congregations capable of excellence in their public worship?
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Creator, sustainer, redeemer?

Why not substitute a formula like "Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer" as a substitute for the traditional trinitarian name of "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"? Does it matter?
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Futures in Anglo-Catholicism

Fr Robert Hendrickson recently opined that “It’s Time for a New Oxford Movement.” He rightly points out that in many ways, the ’79 BCP represents a decisive move to institutionalize an anglo-catholic liturgical vision.

One use

By John C. Bauerschmidt. “All the whole realm shall have but one use”: with this phrase the preface of the first Book of Common Prayer marked the end of the old liturgical regime that had prevailed in England in the Middle Ages, with various liturgical “uses” prevailing in different dioceses, religious orders, and cathedral churches, and the establishment of one use throughout England, authorized by Parliament and enforced by the power of the Crown.
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Rise in glory: Leonel Mitchell

The Rev. Canon Leonel L. Mitchell, one of the scholars responsible for the Book of Common Prayer (1979), died May 23 at 81.