Biographical sketchers of our editorial contributors.

Listening with the Heart

By Marcia Hotchkiss I have always been a reader. Going to the public library weekly was an activity that I treasured as a child. When my faith became more real to me in high school, I participated in Bible s... Read More...

The Work of the Priest: A Conversation

The struggle to properly balance the contemplative and the active virtues is not new to modern American life. St. Gregory the Great discussed the need for both in his classic

Unintended Blessings of the Pandemic

Many of us, in addition to much prayer (and, to be honest, not a little worry), have started to think about some of the potential benefits of this experience of pandemic.

The Usurpation of Information

Committed Christian parents and educators must actively resist the tyranny of information in our schools, parishes, and other training venues.