The Trinity in the Old Testament

By Jeff Boldt Modern Christians wrongly tend to view the Old Testament as the record of a religion that Christianity replaced. Not only does this mean that we think the laws of Moses have been cancelled, but... Read More...

Parables, Power, and Perseverance

Mark 4:1-6:29 By Jonathan Turtle In chapters four through six of Mark’s Gospel, the reader is introduced to the purpose of Christ’s parables, the nature of Christ’s power, and the perseverance required of C... Read More...

Abraham and Sarah, Slaveholders

By Ephraim Radner Abraham and Sarah were slaveholders. Eliezer and Hagar were their slaves. The following is but a brief reflection on how we have interpreted this uncomfortable fact. It offers no grand clai... Read More...

Reading Scripture as Centered on Jesus

The Swiss theologian’s striking insights on core Christian doctrines glisten through this superb collection of essays plumbing his engagements with gospel texts.

A Light Infused into the Heart

Francis and Augustine would tell us first that less is more, and that God’s transforming oracles lie closer to hand than we might first expect.