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Letting go of Christ

Like Mary, we have to let go of that Christ, whom we have imagined, and encounter Christ in his own reality.

Bengaluru: Contextual mission in India

It was a joy to be in the historic and vibrant city of Bengaluru, the digital capital of India, from October 17 to 24, and to meet up with so many theologians.

Destruction & beauty in an Icelandic landscape

We are taught that Christ tore down the gates of Hell. My memorable trek by Hekla, the Icelandic “gateway of Hell” has left me convinced that when he did this, not only were the souls of the faithful released, but so too was beauty. And like those souls, beauty so redeemed can never again be contained.

A national or apostolic church? The C of E, sex, and inclusion

As the C of E struggles over issues in human sexuality, we might hope for more than attention to establishment and "apostolicity." Instead, we seek a recognition of the Church of England's providential role as a servant in the formation of a global Communion of national churches straining for a more Catholic identity, not ignoring the gift of the local, but always with an eye towards the graces of the universal.

Missing the point: GAFCON UK, acrimony, and Lambeth I.10

I can only lament yet another airing of Anglicanism’s dirty laundry: namely, the fear and anxiety of all parties regarding any settled, visible consensus around human sexuality, both within national churches and in the Anglican Communion at large.