Church in Wales

Essays originating from, or related to, the Church in Wales.

A Modern-Day Pastoral Rule

These will be useful volumes to own — a kind of encyclopedia of pastoral wisdom to dip in and out of and a useful corrective to models of mission and ministry that over-emphasize advocacy or achievement at the expense of personal relationships.

A Deadly Kind of Calling

By Jordan Hillebert Augustine wept at his ordination. He had arrived in the ancient seaport of Hippo, in part, to avoid becoming a priest. The Catholic Church in North Africa was at that time a relatively... Read More...

Christ the Lily of Humanity

By Mark Clavier There’s an old tradition of finding Easter in nature. This can be seen especially in Christian poetry, perhaps most famously in Venantius Honorius Fortunatus’ 6th-century Easter hymn, “Hail T... Read More...