A Spiritual Tool for Social Distancing

By Mother Miriam, CSM In a large group of people, it is easy to get lost, think your own thoughts, find like-minded thinkers or feelers, and generally plow your own furrow or hitch your wagon to someone else... Read More...

The Hidden Lives of the Church’s Religious (Part Two)

The external witness of vowed religious — habits, cloister, the Opus Dei (the daily round of psalms, hymns, and collects recited in chapel) — are the first things Christians notice about the monastics among them. But, of course, that is not the whole story of the charism and fruit of the religious life

A Postmodern Reflection on Mary the Second Eve

Among the various characterizations of Mary, I find myself repeatedly drawn to Mary as the Second Eve in parallel to St. Paul’s reference to Christ as the Second Adam (Rom 5:12, 15; I Cor 15:45, 47).