The Way of Love: Worship

Part of a series on The Way of Love. By Matthew S.C. Olver With my body I thee worship. Worship is one of those ubiquitous aspects of the Christian life that simultaneously unites Christians —who would que... Read More...

The Loss of Ritual in Coronatide

A version of this was originally presented August 20, 2020, as part of a webinar on the role of Liturgy and Music in Formation, co-sponsored by the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes (CEEP), the Anglican ... Read More...

Worship in a Time of Pandemic (Part 2)

By Matthew S. C. Olver Part one of this essay considered questions of administering Holy Communion during the pandemic as well as the question of whether or not to hold public worship. Today I consider the r... Read More...

Worship in a Time of Pandemic (Part 1)

Many bishops and dioceses have sent all manner of instructions, suggestions, and directives, and parish priests are in a difficult situation as they try and figure out how to approach this pastoral challenge, especially when it comes to worship.

Ashes to Go? Context and Rationale

Ashes to Go can be a useful evangelistic tool, assuming that the context of the gospel in the prayer book liturgy can be legitimately maintained.