Confronted by the Word

By Jonathan Turtle It is undoubtedly the case that exposure to the Bible — hearing it, reading it, praying it, meditating upon it — is central to the Christian life. Anglicans, of all people, heirs to the Th... Read More...

Reflections on Praying from Home

By Jonathan Turtle It’s Sunday morning and I am on holiday. My family (wife plus four children aged 9, 7, 4, and 2) and I have just finished saying Mass in the oratory I have erected in the modestly sized st... Read More...

Wholly to this One Thing

By Jonathan Turtle Christian priests and ministers of the gospel are called with precision and urgency to a single burning passion. Yes, particular individuals may have many and varied interests but the offi... Read More...

How to Save a Dying Church

If you’re a Christian in the West chances are your church is in decline. And if you are a mainline Christian in the West well, you had a good run.

Love, but Not Like That

If we want to understand what Christian love is, we must begin not by talking about ourselves but by talking about the God who loves and whose love looks like Jesus Christ and him crucified for the remission of our sins.

Fruits Worthy of Repentance

Conservative Anglicans in Canada now find themselves in a church in which they are the minority with respect to marriage and human sexuality. Nevertheless, the gospel does not permit us to give up hope or to grow weary in doing good.