Ever Ancient, Ever New

Ancient Christianity: The Development of its Institutions and Practices By Angelo di Berardino ICCS Press, pp. 718. $89.95 Review by John Mason Lock As a young college student discovering the beauties ... Read More...

John Milton’s “On Time”

By John Mason Lock As a culture we are a low point for the reading and enjoyment of poetry. Most people say they don't like poetry, and poetry has been relegated to the specialist as an oddity that requires ... Read More...

Virtual Church: Opportunity or Mirage?

By John Mason Lock Since the pandemic began, I've heard many clergy celebrate the extension of the church’s ministry through virtual worship. The refrain I hear again and again goes something like this: “We ... Read More...

Narcissism, Psychiatry, and Pastoral Care

A growing number of younger clergy are looking to reclaim the theological heritage of the church, but we must also recognize that not all personal problems are theological problems.

Visiting Your Church Is Like Going to the Dentist

It's fairly obvious that people do not like going to the dentist or the doctor, and I suspect a large part of this reticence is due to the fear of shame and guilt, especially if there has been a longer period of time since the last visit.After my visit and reflecting on my own aversions to going to the dentist, I began to realize that this is how most people feel about going to church.