On Doubt and Belief

By Jordan Hillebert The Church is not always great at dealing with doubt. We tend to swing between two extremes. On the one hand, there are some in the Church who are threatened by the slightest whiff of ... Read More...

A Deadly Kind of Calling

By Jordan Hillebert Augustine wept at his ordination. He had arrived in the ancient seaport of Hippo, in part, to avoid becoming a priest. The Catholic Church in North Africa was at that time a relatively... Read More...

Inhabiting a Strange New World

How might we make use of spiritual exegesis and the “fourfold sense” in our proclamation of the Bible’s strange new world?

Interpreting a Strange New World

Rather than acting as a signpost to the strange new world of Scripture, the sermon all-too-often obstructs our view of the Bible’s terrain. We have lost sight of the strange; our pews remain fixed in the familiar.

Keep Christianity Weird

Love Makes No Sense is in many ways a panegyric to the oddity of Christian faith and practice.

An apology for theology

God is not to be used; God alone is to be enjoyed. Theology is the stubborn pursuit of this enjoyment.