Anglicanism Defined: Three Crises

To be Anglican is to be in a tradition striving to be truly one, holy, catholic, and apostolic in the wake of our particular history.

Rohr Shock

To say that Rohr is outside the bounds of the mainstream Christian theological tradition is not a harsh attack on him. Rather it is to simply take him seriously.

What Is ‘Impaired Communion’?

A meaningful distinction has opened between congregations with different teachings and practices on Christian marriage, and concomitantly between dioceses and bishops.

A Reflection on GAFCON III and ACNA

GAFCON's choice of the archbishop of ACNA as chair of their Primates’ Council forces us here in North America to reckon with these developments.

The Dread Spirit of the Age

This bundle of ideas — nihilism, atheism, the need to create our values, the reduction of everything to power — lies behind much that is deeply problematic in our time.