Life and Death on the Last Frontier

By Will Brown "Mend it,” said Little Rock as we watched my fly line drifting downstream. My guide’s name wasn’t Little Rock, but that’s where he was from. I couldn’t remember his real name during our firs... Read More...

Firearm Spirituality

Lessons from a 30-06 For MW By Will Brown  I am a hunter. I have written a fair amount about hunting from a theological point of view. Among other things, hunting provides me with lean, healthy food, com... Read More...

On Politics and Nature: The Birds of the Air Will Tell You

It is a source of comfort — or it should be! — to the Christian, that he with whom we have to do sits on his throne with sovereign attention, and that the whole cosmic drama is resolving itself toward a grand reconciliation with its creator through the cross of Jesus (cf. Colossians 1:19-20). And through it all our task remains the same: fidelity.

A catechism of Nature (7): Grass

Are we wearing out the earth’s ability to sustain us, tilling the ground into oblivion, coming to the end of some invisible tether?