The last bishop

What made Bishop Edward Salmon extraordinary was the authority he carried easily and honestly.

Pastoral care should punch us in the face

In a response to Carey Nieuwhof, Fr. Jonathan elevates pastoral care and its challenges: "Sometimes good pastoral care feels like a punch in the face, both for pastors and for those committed to their care."


Mary breaks into a cold, damp sweat, her eyes bloodshot, her skin crawling as she takes one more breath and screams, pushing baby into open air, riding a rush of adrenaline and blood so pure that it can on... Read More...

Stop being jerks about Christmas

In seminary, I learned that "We must reclaim Advent." The only way to do that is through a vicious mocking of the foolish plebeians around us who sing Christmas carols any time before 11:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve.