Offering Our Selves

As Christ offered himself, we offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice in Christ.

Fear at the Resurrection

It’s a little uncomfortable, perhaps even embarrassing, that the disciples were afraid on Easter Day.

Bob Dylan: Advent songwriter?

The central theme of “When He Returns” is not the dynamics of personal conversion, but the cosmic scale of the divine last word.

Behind every sermon

"It reassures people to see their preacher holding a Bible,” a colleague would say. Still a slave to the manuscript, I began printing my sermons in two columns on copier pages.

We seem to ‘Want It Darker’

In rock music, especially in the performance arena, there is no room for prayer, but I think that so many of the songs people write are prayers. A lot of my songs seem to be prayers for unity within myself. … L... Read More...

Against Evensong

Evensong's traditional spot at the end of the work day comes at the worst time.