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Last week in yoga class, I learned something new about Jesus.
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Everyone’s an artist

It's hard to think of a job worse than that of performance artist — enacting with one's body and very life foundational truths of the universe. And yet...

A different sort of scholar

"My entire worldview has been shaped and transformed by my involvement at the parish near campus." A junior in college wrote this sentence about the life and work he's found hanging around the upstairs choir... Read More...

The power of prayers

The first night I prayed Compline was the day a friend's child had died. When we arrived at the prayer of St. Augustine, I felt as if it'd been written expressly for that balmy night.
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What Benedict taught me about liturgy

In 2010, I adopted a two-year-old German Shepherd, and I named him Benedict. There was a man of German descent on Peter's pontifical seat, and I was in seminary: it all seemed very clever. As usual, the Holy Sp... Read More...

Living water

A few weeks ago, the city of Columbia suffered a break in the water line near my house. For the next two days, I didn’t shower.