Trinitarian cuisine

My wife, Monica, fires up the holy trinity of Cajun cooking (bell pepper, celery, and onions) in a skillet and I know that bliss is only a few hours away.

Prayer during a long, hot campaign

Episcopalians have expressed their concern about the tenor of Trump and his massive political rallies. Statements have ranged from scolding to more subtly critical.

Homeward bound

Since my visit to Baton Rouge, I’ve often wondered why Mom could not have seen the transformation of her childhood home before her death.

Between cats

For much of the past decade, when I looked at the color patterns in our cats’ fur I saw the flourish of an artist.

Thank God for my back pain

At the physical therapist, most of us are in vulnerable postures, doing odd exercises with names like “lower pelvic tilt: anterior,” “trunk rotation stretch,” and “moderate multifidus exercise.”

Convention called my bluff

You have worked long and diligently for this victory, and I hope it changes your lives for the better. I hope that it draws you closer to the heart of Christ and the fellowship of his church.

Zachary Guiliano responds on ATR

I want to acknowledge the substantive character of the issues raised by our respondents, not least those that we did not address in our first essay. Of course, we could not say everything all at once, and we have begun the project Fully Alive: Love, Marriage, and the Christian Body to explore a great variety of issues.