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Relearning the gospel

Stanley Hauerwas, the man whom Time once called “America’s Best Theologian” said, “The future of the church is not found in things like this; the future is doing the same thing Sunday after Sunday.”
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The web’s ruinous structure

With so much data and so many voices, we each have knowledge formerly hard-won by decades of specialization. With some new fact or temptation perpetually beckoning, we may be the superficial avatars of an A.D.D. culture.
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Covenant FAQs

At a time when Anglicans are disagreeing, we need to be reminded of what holds us together and what we think is important — including Christian mission.

An ardent longing

We need the Anglican Covenant. It sets forth the most plausible and coherent picture of the Church that we have seen, carefully knitting together our founding documents and the developed consensus of the last century.