Movement of Unity

By Christopher Wells Approaching the end of this strange year, it has felt momentous to us at TLC to plan boldly for the future, as we have done in Strategic Plan 2020. Shepherded to completion by our board ... Read More...

Declaration of Dependence

By Christopher Wells All of you brothers over in Africa / Tell all the folks in Egypt, and Israel, too. / Please don’t miss this train at the station. / ‘Cause if you miss it, I feel sorry, sorry for you. —“Lo... Read More...

Blood of the Black Christ, Shed for All

By Christopher Wells All right, I was colored. It was fine. I did not know enough to be afraid or to anticipate in a concrete manner. True, I had heard that colored people were killed and beaten, but so far it... Read More...

John Jewel, Confident Visibilist

John Jewel's Apology for the Church of England is a classic of Anglican ecclesiology and a touchstone for understanding the church's visibility.

The Elusively Unitary Church

Is there some way to sort out these varying approaches, perhaps as a contribution to the healing of divisions among Episcopalians and Anglicans more broadly, thence perhaps as a service to the one Church of Christ?

Christian Education as Conversion

There is an evangelical basis for Christian education, as a lively pursuit of God himself: faith (and hope and love) seeking understanding, with an emphasis on the means of grace as God’s instruments of formation. In other words, we are called to continual conversion.