God is Now

By Chip Prehn The season of Advent is full of warnings, but in A.D. 2020 there is a diffuse perfume of apocalypse in the air.  The plague appears to be spreading.  The economy is uncertain.  Many sectors hav... Read More...

On Hunting

By Chip Prehn Sir Roger Scruton, who died too young last January, came late to fox-hunting but made up for this by becoming one of England’s most avid sportsmen and lovers of the chase. About 2001, I picked ... Read More...

Poems by Maurice Baring

By Chip Prehn The first time I read anything by Maurice Baring (1874-1945), I knew deep down that I had “met” a writer unlike any I had experienced before. I had bumped up against an artistic mind and talent... Read More...

They Were Amazed

By Chip Prehn What were the disciples expecting to see on that third day? They had been carefully taught by their extraordinary rabbi. He had successfully opened their eyes to doctrines which had been obscur... Read More...

The Usurpation of Information

Committed Christian parents and educators must actively resist the tyranny of information in our schools, parishes, and other training venues.

A Good Shepherd

This good and true shepherd’s interest in and care for all of us who became his “sons” was surely a sign to us that the Good Shepherd had plans for us and was counting on us to be His disciples.

What’s Going On With David Brooks?

Second Mountain shows that Brooks’s odyssey in faith will be complicated. But why shouldn’t a sincere conversion in twenty-first-century America be complicated or unconventional?