For Armistice Day: A Memorial Reflection

By Bruce Robison Across the top of her bedroom bureau my grandmother had something of a prayer shrine: rows of carefully arranged photographs, the family across generations. My sister and I loved that our ba... Read More...

The seventeen days

Pre-Lent rolled in early this year. Septuagesima already past, at the Third Sunday after the Epiphany, Sexagesima as well, with Quinquagesima looming

Mission: foreign and domestic

When I was growing up in church in the 1950s and 1960s I would often hear about how our congregation was connected to the work of missionaries. Basically, the idea was that there were two kinds of places in the world: one, like ours, where most people were Christians, and the other, usually far away, where most people weren’t.

Easter Communion

The poetry of Easter is so very rich — reaching out as far as we can reach in our limited vocabularies for a way to say what needs to be said.

Three poems for the end of Epiphany

At the far edge of our science we aren’t looking so much at stars anymore as at the older light that was what the stars were before they were stars,