The Anglican Covenant in 2015

I fear that one of the proposed resolutions on the Anglican Covenant (D022), with its uncompromising language of rejection, risks driving a wedge between us and other Anglican provinces.

TBT 2009: 42 theses on Anglicanism

From time to time in history, there are periods of tremendous upset, which occur at the same time as periods of tremendous intellectual ferment. Anglicanism is undergoing the birth pains of a new synthesis.

Do not be afraid: An Advent meditation

In the narratives of Jesus’ birth, one of the most striking elements is the angelic imperative “Do not be afraid!” It sounds forth time and again like a musical refrain.
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Liturgical anti-intellectualism

Today, the liturgy is to Anglicans what the Bible is to evangelicals: a debilitating intellectual crutch used to excuse indifference to — and even hatred of — the ecclesial commitments borne and sustained by rigorous and thus humbling study.
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The American Calvinist

Truly, he is no poet / but clearly he doesn’t know it / and his tedious rhymes / continue / line after line after line.
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An Advent devotion

Revelation is always disorienting. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite.
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Defending Reformation feast days

If we truly anguish over the Church, then let us beat our breasts, rend our clothes, and sign our foreheads with ashes. The cry and the lament of Reformation should move us to nothing if not these.
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The Sundays after Pentecost

Every moment may be set apart and consecrated to God through acts of Christian service and devotion. What else is the Christian life but this?