After Darkness, Light?

The documentary Calvinist is a visual tract intended primarily for American evangelicals unaffiliated and possibility unfamiliar with the movement.

Rewarding, Not Easy, Listening

The Majesty of the Flesh and Mother of God are punctuated with lyrics rooted in Bozeman’s Orthodox faith, which makes his lyrical voice distinct in America’s musical scene.

Why the Lambeth Conference?

Why does the Lambeth Conference matter? On an interview on a new book: The Lambeth Conference: Theology, History, Polity and Purpose — The First 150 Years.

U2’s America

U2’s America: a promised land for refugees, safeguarded by (filthy rich) pop star prophets, subverted by the wrong sort of elected officials. There are no blue-collar workers and no rural communities

A blessing for visitors

What does it mean to make the liturgy more inviting? Episcopalians believe in welcoming others, especially in church, but inviting is different from welcoming.