Editor’s note: Over the course of this week, in celebration of Epiphany, we will be publishing a series of poems by Bishop Graham Kings, originally included in Andrew Wheeler’s Desire of Nations: The Magi, their Journey and the Child (2015).






We Refugees


By the first dream,

I was assured:

Mary was faithful,

not fooling around.

That was fulfilled.


By the second dream,

I was warned:

We three refugees

needed to flee.

This was frightening.


We took the road South,

To Gentile territory,


Oppressive or safe?

Who could tell?


Sad and miserable,

Sleepless nights,

Hungry and thirsty,

on the move,

Hardships, distress.


How can we sing

the Lord’s song

in a strange land?

How long, O Lord?


Owning nothing,

yet, with this child,

Possessing everything.

The featured image is a stained glass at St. Pius V Church in St Louis, MO. The photo by Flicker user hickory harscrabble is licensed under Creative Commons. 

About The Author

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Graham Kings (@GrahamRKings) is honorary assistant bishop in the Diocese of Ely.

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