It is a sad truth of our time that all things digital swiftly wear out. Readers of Covenant may have noticed over the past week (as well as before) that our website’s relationship with Facebook has been going through a rough patch. Covenant links will not display properly, and, from time to time, anyone who tries to share a link may receive an “error” message. (This problem has especially plagued those who read the blog and share links on their smartphones.)

It is not yet clear why this is happening. But, as we work to restore the normal order of things, please do be patient. We will still be posting material here, but announcements of posts will also appear on The Living Church‘s website. This solution should facilitate the sharing of links, especially those related to the developing conversation around marriage in the Episcopal Church.

The featured image is “There was an error” (2009) by Oka Tai-Lee. It is licensed under Creative Commons. 


About The Author

The Rev. Dr. Zachary Guiliano is chaplain and career development research fellow at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. 

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