The May 25 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In the cover essay, the Rt. Rev. R. William Franklin considers what lessons today’s Episcopal Church, and his diocese in particular, might learn from the example of Bishop Charles Chapman Grafton. Bishop Franklin writes:

In the spring of 1969, I came to Fond du Lac as a Northwestern University student to do research on Bishop Charles Chapman Grafton in the diocesan archives. My subject was the Belgian Old Catholic communities in Door County with specific reference to Grafton’s deposition of the later

wandering archbishop, J. René Vilatte. I was attracted to Fond du Lac by clerical scandal, but I went back to Evanston transfixed by Grafton’s vision of mission in changing times. This reflection re- turns to that seed planted: Grafton’s vision of the mission of a diocese and a diocesan bishop, particularly in times of crisis, and how that vision is applicable to the crises of the Episcopal Church today.

The issue’s full contents:


Benedictine Hospitality for the PB

Bishop Grafton and the 21st-century Church | By R. William Franklin

A PG-13 Noah | By Leonard Freeman

Reasons for Belief AskingGospel in Action Living Evangelization Loving to Tell the Story • The Searchers | Review by John Tang Boyland

Backpacking through the Anglican Communion | Review by Andrew Petiprin

The Missionary Letters of Vincent Donovan, 1957-1973 | Review by Jesse Zink

Imperial to International | Review by Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

On the Holy Spirit | Review by Peter Eaton

Catholic Voices
Jesus Would not Coexist | By Karl C. Schaffenburg

Other Departments
People & Places
Sunday’s Readings

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