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This issue of TLC features a cover essay by David Hein, an affiliated scholar of the John Jay Institute in Philadelphia, on a republished edition of Theology and the Arts. Professor Hein writes:

One of the truly significant early books in the field of Christianity and the arts — Theology and the Arts (1966) by David Baily Harned — will soon be available once again. Wipf & Stock Publishers will reprint it in an attractive and inexpensive trade edition, available by June 1.

Anyone picking up a nearly 50-year-old book is entitled to wonder if the work is any longer even readable. In 1966 the Westminster Press launched Theology and the Arts into the world of the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and the Beach Boys. In the United States, JFK had been assassinated and Lyndon Johnson had defeated Barry Goldwater, but on the moon an astronaut had not yet landed and made his giant leap for humankind. Urban riots produced seasons of tension in American cities, but realistic hope for lasting change was grounded in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


Other items in this edition:

Rites and Consequences for Africans

Christianity and the Arts | By David Hein
Musicians Make the Most of the Summer | By John Schuessler
‘Traces of the Holy’ | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
Frances Perkins & the New Deal | By Charles Hoffacker

C.S. Lewis: A Life | Review by Stephen Platten
Christianity and Literature | Review by Carla Arnell
Spiritual Letters Love and Salt | Review by Amy Real Coultas
Random MOMents of Grace Rock-Bottom Blessings | Review by Sarah Reinhard
Against Atheism | Review by Dan Muth
Shaking Hands with the Devil | Review by Sarah Marie Gresser
Summoned from the Margin | Review by Elizabeth Marie Melchionna
The Sacramental Church | Review by John Richard Orens
Ancient Christian Doctrine | Review by Peter Eaton

Springsteen’s Quest for Community | By Douglas LeBlanc

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