The April 20 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition features an interview with Mother Miriam, the 18-year superior of the Community of St. Mary, Eastern Province, which has houses in Greenwich, New York, and Mzuzu, Malawi.

“I entered in 1975 when most of the post-Vatican II upheaval of the 1960s in the religious orders had settled down,” Mother Miriam tells Richard J. Mammana, Jr. “I am one of the last sisters in the community to have experienced community life at the Mother House of the Eastern Province when it was a thriving community of 35 sisters in six branch houses. That changed shortly after my novitiate. We all remember Mother Mary Basil as the one called to close all those branch houses, bring sisters back to the motherhouse, and reinvent the service of the sisters to the Church through the retreat and Benedictine hospitality ministry. For 15 of those years I was the youngest in the house.”

San Joaquin Welcomes Bishop Rice

Twenty Minutes with Mother Miriam
Faithfulness and Success | By Richard Mammana, Jr.


Johannine Jesus | By Clint Wilson

Looking at the Ground | By Charlie Ritch

The Mass of the Roman Rite
The Spirit in Worship—Worship in the Spirit
Reviews by Derek Olson

Lazarus, Come Forth! | Review by Mark Harris

The Eternal Generation of the Son Jesus Christus
Review by Justyn Terry

Eschatology, Liturgy, and Christology | Review by Dale Rye

Questing for Understanding | Review by Thomas P. Rausch, SJ

Catholic Voices
Rowan A. Greer III: A Generous Scholar-Priest
By Christopher A. Beeley

Other Departments
Sunday’s Readings

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