The March 23 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In this issue Clay Lein writes about the initiative shown by the Diocese of Dallas as it created four new congregations in 11 years. Lein, who leads one of these congregations (St. Philip’s, Frisco), sees these factors as crucial to successful missions: diocesan support, external focus, life transformation, active compassion, and innovative strategies.

“God has done an amazing work in these four new churches,” Lein writes. “There is not one right way to begin a new congregation but there are key ingredients to make one thrive. There is not a best style of worship, or a right location, or a particular church planter. But these essential principles can help new congregations be successful.”

Holy Meals at Penn Form Community

Caring for Caregivers | By Retta Blaney


Lessons from Four New Congregations | By Clay Lein

Up from Pavement and Puddles | By George Sumner

Twenty Minutes with Scott Gunn
Discipleship and Celebration | By Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

Gnawing: A Song of Noah | By Michael Cover

Six Lenten Devotionals | Review by Giuseppe Gagliano

Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works
Review by Mark F.M. Clavier

Consultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry Mindful Ministry Developing Faithful Ministers
Review by Jason Ingalls

The Complete Introduction to the Devout Life
Review by Calvin Lane

Fear and Friendship: Anglicans Engaging with Islam
Review by Peter Eaton

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I am senior editor of The Living Church. My wife, Monica, and I attend St. Matthew’s Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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