The latest edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition features a cover essay by the Rev. Matt Marino on renewing youth ministry. Fr. Marino writes:

Where we do still give students leadership, we tend to give them community built around fun without much spiritual formation and a strong commitment to progressive political causes. Many students tell us that they want to “know God” and leave us for churches that are unapologetic in their Christian message and willing to give answers rather than endlessly “embracing questions.” Others, realizing that they don’t need the church in order to have community based around political causes, leave to the political cause.

Bishops Discuss Reconciliation

Renewing the Youth in Youth Ministry
By Matt Marino


Tell Me Your Story: Homer and Hospitality
By Carla Arnell

Prepare the Feast: The Scholar-Priest Initiative
By Jason Ingalls and Joseph Wolyniak

Deconstruction Runs Amok: The Lone Ranger
By Leonard Freeman

Dan Brown’s Depraved Malthusianism
By Ian S. Markham

What Episcopalians Believe by Samuel Wells
Learning to Dream Again by Samuel Wells
Review by Andrew Petiprin

What Is a Parish?
Edited by Thomas A. Baima
and Lawrence Hennessey
Review by Daniel H. Martins

Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnography
Edited by Pete Ward
Review by Joseph B. Howard

Not Sure by John Suk
Review by Dan Edwards

Living in the Gap by Dennis J. Billy
Review by Mother Miriam

Catholic Voices
Returning to the Body
By Jesse Zink

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