The Sept. 1 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. This edition features a review of painter Ludmila Pawlowska’s Icons in Transformation exhibit.

Reviewer Gayland K. Stone, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Concordia University Wisconsin, writes:

Some viewers may be troubled by the abstract style of the work, but spiritual realities are not so easily translated into representational imagery. Pawlowska has adapted styles and techniques related to those of the Abstract Expressionists, while including representational elements. The expressionist character of the work helps to bear the emotional state of both artist and viewer. The textures of the panels and the richness of the surfaces invite us to come closer, as we might approach an icon in an act of personal devotion.

The exhibit makes its next stop Sept. 10-Nov. 9 at St. Paul’s Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Cover image: “Heaven and Nature Sing 5”
Virginia Wieringa, Mixed media 2009 •

The issue’s contents:

EfM Broadens its Scope

Icons Interpreted
By Gaylund K. Stone

The Church Visible by John-Charles Noonan, Jr.
Sammlung Philippi by Dieter Philippi
A Practical Handbook for Divine Services by Father Gregory Woolfenden
Coptic Culture: Past, Present and Future by Mariam Ayad
Reviews by Peter Eaton

From Memory to Imagination by C. Randall Bradley
Review by David Heetderks

Poetic Theology by William A. Dyrness
Review by Mark F.M. Clavier

Catholic Voices
Keeping it Real
By John Kenneth Gibson

Third in a Series on The Bible in the Life of the Church
Limited Success by Michael Cover

Other Departments
Cæli enarrant
Sunday’s Readings
People & Places

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