I’m much belated in posting this, but I still think it’s worth sharing this wonderful sermon from the Rev’d Beth Maynard. This was preached at the Church of the Advent this May for our annual Solemn Mass and Procession for Corpus Christi — an occasion which, as our rector pointed out, is rather over-the-top, and rather wonderful. Anyway, here’s an excerpt:

Do I have opinions about Eucharistic theology? Sure I do. But really, who cares? My opinions are not going to sanctify me, my spirituality did not redeem me, and my meaning-making did not create me. I want to stop looking at all that stuff and start looking at Jesus. And that’s essentially what we’re doing here. That’s essentially why we’re doing it, whatever you want to call it, whether it’s in the Prayer Book or the 39 Articles or not. I’m just not very concerned about all that. I think Jesus can figure out what we mean. He’s quite intelligent.

Read the whole sermon here.


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Sam Keyes serves as Professor of Theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, California, and a priest in the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

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