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This edition features an essay by historian Worth Norman, Jr., about the Civil War’s effects on church and state. Also in this issue, Gary G. Yerkey reviews A Powerful Blessing: The Life of Charles Colcock Jones Carpenter, Sr., by the bishop’s son, the Rev. Douglas M. Carpenter.

Texas Gains $1 Billion in Sale

The Civil War, Church, and State
By Worth “Woody” Norman, Jr.


A Powerful Blessing by Douglas M. Carpenter
Review by Gary G. Yerkey

Healing Wisdom edited by Kathleen J. Grider
Discovering the Treasure Within by R. Carroll Travis
Decision Making and Spiritual Discernment 
by Nancy L. Bieber

Review by Robert D. Hughes III

Receiving David by Faye Knol
Review by Anna Masi

Family Theology by Carol J. Gallagher
Review by Emily Hylden

Sic et non
A Provisional Solution
By Mark McCall


The Ethics of Dr. Spock
By Leonard Freeman

By Ephraim Radner

Other Departments
Cæli enarrant
Sunday’s Readings
People & Places

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