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Healing Vigil
for Heartbroken Boston

Bob Dylan’s Music
Wakes Up Worship
By Douglas LeBlanc

Verbal Kwest Raps the Gospel
By Rodney Reinhart


Thom Satterlee Celebrates Søren Kierkegaard
By Amy Lepine Peterson

Rowan Williams: His Legacy by Andrew Goddard
Review by Jesse Zink

Ordering Love and Being Holy in the World by David L. Schindler
Review by Anthony D. Baker

Diagonal Advance by Anthony D. Baker
Review by Robert W. Jenson

The Rule of Saint Benedict: A Contemporary Paraphrase
by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Review by Jennifer Henery

C.S. Lewis: Revelation, Conversion, and Apologetics by P.H.Brazier
Review by Edward H. Henderson

Sophia: The Hidden Christ of Thomas Merton by Christopher Pramuk
Review by Steve Harris

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Cæli enarrant
Sunday’s Readings
People & Places

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I am senior editor of The Living Church. My wife, Monica, and I attend St. Matthew’s Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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