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Prayer Week Centers on Dalits

Letter from Kosovo
Demonizing Has Consequences
By Steven Ford

Honor Beats Power: The Hobbit
Review by Leonard Freeman


Review Essays
Orthodoxy and the Roman Papacy
By A.J. DeVille
Review by Geoffrey Rowell

My Journal of the Council
By Yves Congar
Review by Michael Root

Reviews of Pope Benedict’s Credo for Today and
The Ratzinger Reader, Life in God, Critical Issues
in Ecclesiology
, Atlas of American Orthodox Christian
, and The Unity Factor

Sic et non
The Cruelty of Schism
By Pierre W. Whalon

Heresy and Schism: Mirror Images
By John C. Bauerschmidt
Heresy Excludes Itself
By Gary Thorne

Other Departments
Sunday’s Readings

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